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Parking at Newcastle Airport

The car parks at Newcastle Airport are colour coded platinum, gold, silver and bronze. The platinum and gold carparks are directly opposite the terminal and accessible via covered walkways. The various silver-coded carparks are slightly more distant, and the bronze carpark is the furthest away from the terminal.
The platinum carpark is premium parking, where you can leave your car secure and undercover. This is the most expensive place to park, at $32 per day. To pay, press the button to receive a ticket when entering the carpark and pay with cash or credit card at the pay station before leaving. Alternatively, you can insert the same credit card at the boom gates both when entering and when leaving, and that credit card will be charged with the parking fee.
The gold carpark is ideal for short-term parking needs. An hour costs $4.40, and 3 hours $10.60. As with the platinum carpark, payment can be made with a ticket taken upon entry, or a credit card inserted at the boom gates when entering and leaving.
There are three small silver carparks which are a short walk from the terminal. The cost of parking in these is $3.50 for an hour, $8.50 for 3 hours, and $19 for a day. They operate on the same pay system as the other carparks.  
The bronze carpark is an economical option for long-term parking. It is linked to the terminal by a free shuttle bus, so the distance from the terminal is not a hurdle. The bus operates nearly every 15 minutes. Paying for parking is done in the same fashion as at the other carparks, and costs start from $3 for an hour and progress to $6.50 for 3 hours, $16 for a day and $60 for 5 days.

Updated October 2013 by Chris Houston. Information is subject to change at any time.
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