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Disabled Options for Newcastle Airport Car Rental

Disability Access
Prior to arrival at the airport, passengers who have disabilities which may hinder their boarding experience should get in contact with their airline or travel agent. The airline staff can book wheelchairs for use in boarding and disembarking, or reserve a place for a service animal.
A kerbside drop off and pick up point is reserved specifically for those with valid disability permits at the eastern end of the terminal. Both inside and outside the terminal, Tactile Ground Surface Indicators are in place to guide visually impaired travellers and notify them of obstacles such as crossings, lift, stairs and ramps.
Accessible car parks are available in all public carparks, and are clearly signposted. The Airbus which shuttles passengers from the bronze carpark has a wheelchair lift and can accommodate two wheelchairs. All carpark pay stations are accessible to users in wheelchairs. Newcastle Taxis can accommodate wheelchairs in certain vehicles, and there is a freephone with direct access to their booking centre inside the terminal.
Newcastle Airport’s terminal is on a single level so there are no elevators to contend with. Certain check-in counters have been lowered to allow access for passengers in wheelchairs, and the public phone is also at an accessible height. All toilet facilities in the terminal include a disabled- access toilet.
Flight announcements are made both visually on the large screens around the terminal, and audibly over the PA system. Emergency warning information can also be given via both methods. Certified assistance animals are welcome in all parts of the terminal, and there are relief areas for them close to the terminal entrances.
Security screening is mandatory for all passengers who wish to board an aircraft, but the processes can be adapted to fit individual needs, and screening staff have training in assisting passengers with disabilities. If you are unable to walk through the metal detector unaided, hand searches can be carried out in a private area. If you have medical implants, prostheses or medical conditions which are likely to interfere with screening, please let the staff know.

Updated October 2013 by Chris Houston. Information is subject to change at any time.
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